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Launched in January of 2012, HromadaPhila.org is a business and community internet directory developed and managed by the Ukrainian Educational and Cultural Center (UECC).

Our mission is to enable the Ukrainian American community in Philadelphia and the surrounding areas to access and distribute information about our members, businesses, institutions and organizations. The Directory is comprised of four sections:

Community Calendar - informs the public about upcoming events, enables organizations to advertise to a broader audience and to schedule events more efficiently.

Business & Community Listings - provides professionals, businesses, institutions and organizations an opportunity to inform the public about their services. It facilitates your search for your Service, Community, Health, Entertainment, and Shopping needs, government contacts, emergency numbers, and non-government sources. News & Service Announcements - provides valuable information about community services, new legislation and government programs.

Thank you for visiting HromadaPhila.org! Spread the word about HromadaPhila.org and the benefits that it offers to our community.